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             SAKADY is a professional supplier of industrial automation products, and a diversified enterprise for development, production and sale of industrial safety equipment. The company provides standardized and customized industrial automation safety equipment for clients.

             SAKADY’s main products include safety light curtain, safety mat, safety edge, safety relay, photoelectric switch, etc. There are several series and various specifications for each category of products. In order to ensure the highest quality of products, strict requirements are carried out in each step of the production process. The company has passed ISO9000 quality management system certification, and products have obtained CCC certification, TUV certification, CE certification and UL certification.

             SAKADY has a professional research and development team and adhere to develop products independently. The company not only absorb the advanced sensor technology from Germany, but also cooperate with research institution of Zhejiang University.

             So the company gradually establish the powerful technology and brand advantage. In addition, the excellent sales team offers professional technical support and considerate after-sales service. We have established a good and solid relationship with many well-know enterprises.

             In the process of rapid development. SAKADY always adhere to provide the best products and service. We always meet the needs of clients as soon as possible, provide high-quality products with reasonable prices and guarantee service quality with fast speed of delivery. With the rapid development of industrial automation and increasing demand of industrial safety sensors, SAKADY will provide various high-quality industrial safety equipment for more clients. We look forward to cooperating with you to achieve grater success.